Our curriculum adheres to Montessori Philosophy that promotes self-directed activities, enabling the children to be independent learners and collaborative members of society.

Children within a Home-based classroom are supported by trained teachers offered a wide range of age- appropriate, carefully designed activities both inside and outside the classroom.

The children will work on their own and in small groups to discover and explore the stimuli from the environment prompting them to reach their own unique potential. Through use of these specially designed activities and materials the children work at their own pace.

The children’s natural instincts will drive them on to repeat their chosen work and gain impressive levels of co-ordination, concentration, physical development, self- esteem, intellectual development, self- regulation , sense of order, and sense of order.

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us
by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”
-- Maria Montessori

Unique Features:

Clean, secure, safe and loving environment

Individualized learning based on the developmental needs, interests and abilities of children

To celebrate and promote cultural and ethnic diversity

Fun and Exciting Summer Adventure Activities in July and August

Different pricing options for Full-time and Part-time students

We Also Provide

  • Certified and Trained Montessori Guides
    • Certified and Trained Montessori Guides(teachers) that are committed to a high standard of developmental learning for children.
  • Well-prepared classroom with Montessori Didactic materials.
    • A well- prepared classroom equipped with Montessori materials, child- centred learning materials that build the child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Serve organic meals based on Canada Food Guide
    • We serve mainly organic meals including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks
  • Natural Outdoor play spaces for children to explore mother nature
    • Natural Outdoor play spaces for children to explore mother nature. We provide loose parts from natural items that promote child’s natural instinct to create and learn through imaginative play.
  • Builds Community of Purpose through Parent Involvement and Support
    • Special community and social events to build relationships with parents and families.
  • Individualized online portfolio and daily communication reports
    • Brightwheel app allows for regular communication between parents and teachers.
  • Scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences in November and April to discuss your child’s progress and development
  • Provides annual Parent Education Workshop and Orientation
    • We provide yearly Parent Education workshop and Parent Orientation prior to start date